About us

Currently, we produce over 1,000 types of products for more than 200 customers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, and Austria. Our product line consists of various types of collars, rings, bushings, dust seals, bearings, stop pieces, silent blocks, armature fixtures, seals, etc.

We deliver number of components for automobile, engineering, textile, food, and mining industries in series from several dozens to millions of pieces a year. In addition, we offer rubberising of both metal and plastic components. We process NR, SBR, NBR, HNBR, ACM, AEM, IIR, IR, EPDM, VMQ, and FPM based materials.

We provide drawing documentation of mould for new products and secure their production. When developing new products, we can cooperate by designing their construction (3D models, drawing documentation, materials, and tests).

We implement quality check of the production on SCOPE-CHECK 200 3D CNC - a 3D optical machine by WERTH.

Machine equipment:
Classic multi-presses: Clamping force from 90 to 270 t; size of heating panels 400 x 400 mm and 800 x 800 mm
Injection presses: top machines by REP and RIMM; size of heating panels 320 x 400, 510 x 430, and 530 x 600 mm; clamping force from 90 to 630 t; injection capacity up to 5,000 ccm.